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The “Wand” Anesthesia

What is it?

The Wand is basically a computer controlled dental infusion. The computer regulates a slow and steady stream local anesthetic. This gradual injection is ensured to be more comfortable.

The vast majority who have had experience discomfort with injection imagine that needles sting on the grounds that the skin is punctured, yet this is typically not true! Frequently, the sting is brought about on the grounds that the anesthetic was let go in too rapidly. Clearly, it is feasible for the dental specialist to control the rate with a standard syringe, however the thought of the Wand is to take out the “human error”. This can be especially comforting for individuals with past terrible encounters.

What does the Wand® resemble?

It essentially doesn’t resemble a syringe! The handpiece gadget looks simply like a ball point pen.It is even held like a pen! Utilizing the Wand is extremely pleasant for the dental specialist on the grounds that it is so light and simple to handle. To begin the computer, the dental specialist utilizes a foot pedal associated with the computer tower. The machine does the rest. That way, the dentist only has to concentrate on holding the handpiece in the right position.